Over the last few years Gallesi srl, thanks to new technology, has developed the receipt of designs of parts to be made, to order, using communication via e-mail, mathematics through CAD interface, as IGES or DXF.




The designs received are elaborated through the use of the system CAD, developed by VERO International Software, which also permits the visualization in three dimension and the development of the part, so as to project and determine the various components of the mould.




In the final stage of the productive process of the mould, Gallesi srl has introduced an interactive graphic system to evaluate the mathematic model, using as hardware, a portal measuring automatic machine BROWN & SHARPE DEA,


and as software PC-DMIS.




The operator, during the inspection cycle, applies all the steps which, the measuring machine allows him to do, to compare theoretical points and corresponding points belonging to the physical model.

The control information memorized in the inspection protocol and the different types of graphic results supplied, favour an immediate evaluation of the accuracy of the surfaces and of the elements measured. Any changes, necessary for the the most suitable improvements, can, therefore, be effected before further elaborations are carried out.



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