Our products are brackets, clamps, clips, supports, plates, washers, shims, stop-collars, flanges, etc... made design or based on samples supplied by the client.






Our activity is based on projecting and building block moulds and also follow dies (for small dimensions) to obtain successively with the same mountings on specific mechanical presses, parts ordered by clients.

Production is therefore based on means of cold forming moulding operations (blanking, cold drawing, and bending) of sheet metals or iron strips of various types, but also of brass, aluminium and alloys, phosphor bronze, etc...

"GALLESI SRL" produces mainly by suppling at a price which is fully inclusive, but also carries out productions as subcontract work with materials supplied by client.

The product is delivered to the client certified and includes certification of materials which come from external sources, certification of production processes (carried out in our company) certification of superficial finishing treatments painting or galvanising carried out by external firms but tested by us.

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